The world, as it was, eighteen years ago


Good things are worth waiting for, right?

I remember something about being young and invulnerable when I first ran this game. I was probably right on all counts. There’s no way I could have eaten that many garbage plates and not died otherwise. Also, not sleeping for days on end so I could LARP at all hours was probably a good choice. I’m sure it guided me to a better life. I mean, I’m in Utah now. It’s where life is worth living.

Fuck it, it’s only been eighteen years.

And that’s the thing. It’s been eighteen fucking years, and I literally have had the next part of this campaign written in my head since the day the team gave the final campaign plot the finger, and got their ass out of the windy city. That’s what I get for inviting smart players.

We likely would have played right then and there, but, in my infinite wisdom, I had invited my girlfriend to the game, and…for those of you who’ve known me long enough, hold on, because this next bit of news may be shocking…

…things were not going well.

The group gave me a parachute and I jumped the fuck out. It was anticlimactic ending to one of the best games I’ve ever run with an amazing group of players, and the thought of spinning it back up has never left my head.

It’d be nothing though…dead, buried, and gone, if not for the return of Lizard and Finn to the metroplex. I mean, Finn sort of still works for me now, so I probably would have had some leverage there, but Lizard’s return to the realm of (virtual) pen and paper gaming is pretty epic. It was really the litmus test on whether this would get run, so thank the local yakuza slicer for getting me off of my ass and getting this shit on obsidian portal.

Ok, so enough reminiscing. Over the next month, I’m going to try to stand up the minimum needed to get us going. I know the campaign is totally fresh in everyone’s head, so this should be no problem. We’ll just pick up where we left off.


Ok, in all seriousness, I’m going to get a recap going of the last game. Believe it or not, I still have a ton of my very poorly written notes, so I expect this will go well. I’m also going to wrap my head around the specifics of the core pieces of the game and get that to a place where we can get started.

As for your side, shockingly enough, we’re going to be rebuilding returning characters. I think there have been three new editions to shadowrun since we ran this game last, and maybe some advances in technology in general (um…hello internet!) so we have our work cut out for us. We’re going to figure something out online. I probably have some rules to learn. I expect to throw out a lot of useless shit. RPG developers can be kind of dumb.

Start thinking about what you want to play in concept. Feel free to change anything from before and we’ll make it work. As an example, Lizard may have had Yakuza ties, but that may have gone up with the amazing events in Chicago. So, he should probably still have his badass tattoos, but he could dump that defining contact group if he wanted. Or maybe he buys it again because it’s something he wants to stay tied to. Within reason, we can story around whatever you want to play.

Also, think about npc’s you might want to return. They might have died in the horribleness of Chicago, or maybe they made it out. If they are important to you though, you might want to buy them. I reserve the right to resurrect them on my own, but…remember…if you didn’t invest the points, there’s no telling about how that relationship ends.

Oh, and speaking of ending relationships, expect to be plenty of Vertigo in this game, all rigged up and shvitzing around as her usual badass, psychotic self. Just because my life is fucking hysterical.

Anyway, moving on…

For new characters, I’m going to provide some plot hooks to get you in cleanly with the group. I have some very easy ways to pull people right into the crew for the first game, so…even though I know how much everyone loves the “I don’t trust this asshole” part when new players come on, I think we’ll bypass that shit and make it super simple to integrate.

Ok, and….that’s a start. I expect to run four people for the game and then supplement with NPCs if we need it. We have some time, so think about who you want to invite. I think we’re fine to run with three, but four will probably be more fun. Anyway, there’s this super cool chick I know that I think would fit in really great with the group….

…I mean, what could go wrong?

The world, as it was, eighteen years ago

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