Goblinization and Metahumanity


People like to say that it happened in a day; that the world turned on it’s axis in a single moment, and metahumanity rose from the ashes to be part of the new world. In truth, the rise was a product of evolution, of the world reacting to a dangerous and foreign stimulus. It was the epitome of Darwinism and the slow evolution the world’s inhabitants, yet the world’s attention would only open it’s eyes to the truth of it in the wake of what we know as the day of Goblinization.

The signs of change, though seemingly innocent in the imperceptible increments in which they occurred, are easy to see in retrospect. As the veil weakened, the world changed, and not only on the metaphysical level. As energy from outside the known world slipped between the boundaries of what is now known as “Astral Space”, the world became a Petri dish for the gods.

The breakdown of the veil occurred at it’s highest frequency in the Metroplex, where the population was highest. Due to the impact these changes had on so many established centers of population and technology, it would seem as if the world should have caught on quicker to the impending global event. However, tracing these effects back to a common source, proved elusive.

The clearest cited reason for the world’s ignorance in these matters was that it affected individuals in so many different ways. New diseases began to spread across certain cities, but, generally, only threatened small pockets of the populace. The appearance of mutations, appearing so similar to those caused by extreme exposure to radiation, increased in frequency (especially in newborns), but not to a degree to cause an escalation of awareness. Furthermore, the classification and effects of such changes were so diverse and, overall, were reported so infrequently, that it would have been hard to see the coming of the great change in the numbers.

Still, there were signs that gave warning to what was to come. When VITAS (Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome) was unleashed upon the world to instantly kill millions across the globe, the links to a common root cause were clear. If the world had rallied in the face of it, bringing all of it’s resources to bear, it’s possible that something could have been done to prevent the complete breakdown of the veil and the onset of Goblinization. The powers that be, however, love their secrets, and would clutch to them tightly as the world descended into hell. It was a pathway paved with sordid intentions.

When the veil finally collapsed, the concentration of nether energy on the world’s most populated areas mutated a large segment of the populace. Like the fallout of a nuclear blast, the weakest of those in the areas with the greatest exposure died instantly, their physical form unable to withstand the rapid change that was forced upon them. Many of those who did survive would be changed forever, mutated on the cellular level, or golbinized as the changes would come to be known. Still others, for reasons the world still does not completely understand would remain as they were, unaffected by the traumatic events that occurred on that day.

They say that what happened after was an equalization of the nether energy that had torn through the veil , counterbalancing it’s influence with the natural forces of our world. Years later, goblinization is more of a way of life than the tragedy it was upon arriving., but many are still alive who either witnessed or were personally affected by that day, altering the culture of those changed in significant ways.

Today, mutations are a part of human existence. The possibility of it plays into every new birth and the potential for future mutation looms over every person’s life. Generally, genetics play the greatest part and a person born unchanged will remain unchanged until the end of their life. However, not enough is known about the world beyond the veil and how these mutations occur, and genetics has not always provided the guarantee that many would desire.

Still, mutations take many forms, and not all are harmful. Conversely, there is clearly a measure of evolution at play when considering the effect goblinization has had on humanity. In both the physical and mental capacity, there a numerous examples of the changed reaching ‘superhuman’ potential as a result of their mutations. In their wake, genetics continues to march steadily on, preserving those traits which strengthen the pool.

Fear has, of course, played it’s common part in the culture. Years removed from goblinization day, the changed, too numerous to not be accepted in society, are nonetheless still subject to the small minded nature of the human race. Metahuman is the acceptable term, though the world has come up with many others, as those who hate, love to name things.

“Orc” is the most common slang used for anyone with an obvious mutation, though “dwarf” and “troll” are still used in the extreme. For those blessed with mutations that society finds pleasing to the eye, “elf” is most common, though those touched in this way tend to draw even more ire from metahuman hate groups than their less fortunate counterparts. These groups are of course the exception, and not the rule, but events in the earliest days of the change still burn in the hearts and minds of those affected, making incidents from both sides of the aisle fairly common.

With the changes to humanity, the other inhabitants of the world have changed as well. New creatures walk the earth, only slightly resembling their earth born cousins. Where the appearance is similar, society has resurrected the names of mythical creatures, adding an even greater fantastical element to the great change that the world has undergone.

The rise of the metahuman is the next phase in both humanity and earth’s evolution; a prophesy of Darwin, playing itself out on the great stage of the metroplex. In the years that have passed, the constant presence of the changed in society has, for most, relegated what was once horrific and fantastical to the realm of the mundane. That being said, many still fear that what the world has seen thus far may only be but the beginning.

Goblinization and Metahumanity

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