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We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


In the Eye of the Swarm is part two of a shadowrun campaign that was run many years ago, located in Chicago and based very loosely off (or perhaps run mostly in parallel with) a modified version of the events of “Bug City”. I’ve included a quick glance back at that campaign below from a real life perspective that I hope makes for a semi-amusing read while giving some insight into how we’ll transition over all these years later.

The world, as it was, eighteen years ago

I’ve also completed a brief(ish) recap of part 1 of the campaign. It’s high level, but it should serve as a reminder of the team’s activities during the fall of Chicago and provide some amusing context for those that were not part of the festivities.

Once Upon a Time in Chicago

In general, I’ll be revamping some areas of the game that are “canon” shadowrun. I love this game for being one of the first to merge fantasy and technology in an interesting way, but I like my shadowrun fairly dark and gritty. In truth, I probably run my game closer to cyberpunk than shadowrun, and there are some changes to the game that need to happen in order to fit that into the game world. Also, their game history is really dumb, I abhor menagerie games, and I prefer simple systems when running so I can focus more on the cinematics/roleplaying aspects of the game…none of which is really supported well by shadowrun, as written.

For now, I’ll be dumping data into this area until I have a better way to organize it. Read this stuff for clarity on how I’m going to run the game. Anything dropped here is something I deem important for the game verse. Hopefully it gets you into the mood ’m going for when it comes to campaign

Society at a Glance

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